Vehicle Policy

- Hybrids – Diesel – New only – Dual Fuel – Dedicated LPG – Low Emission Vehicles All the vehicles used are subject to Auckland Co op’s Board approval. Althought this does exclude the Business Class Fleet.

Environmental and Sustainability Update

Auckland Co-operative Taxis is committed to embracing initiatives that will make it an increasingly sustainable business.

This year we achieved two important milestones: the introduction of a low emission vehicle replacement policyand working towards a paperless society.

As New Zealand’s largest taxi fleet we accept our responsibility as a greenhouse gas emitter and the challenges of
improving our environmental performance.

Our aim is to be your taxi operator of choice by advancing changes across our fleet operations that will make us a cleaner and greener for you to use. Our objective is to establish an “Environmentally Friendly Fleet” of Auckland Co-op Taxis.

Through a proactive best fleet replacement policy we are well advanced in having a core fleet of low emission standard vehicles. The exception is the long wheelbase, executive vehicle class for which the LPG or dual fuel option is not currently an economically sustainable option.

Replacement or new vehicles must meet a low emission level as per the manufactures vehicle spec and be no more than 3 years old.

Our Co-operative members have adopted the hybrid and low emission vehicle options with tremendous enthusiasm so that we now have significantly more low emission vehicles that any other Auckland fleet operator.

Other vehicle types include LPG and diesel options. LPG carbon emissions are lower than petrol, and comparable with diesel. LPG is the cleaner fuel of choice and is increasingly competing with diesel and hybrids on both cost and
environmental benefits. Currently the entire fleet undergoes emission testing every month.

At this stage we have over 500 vehicles that meet the low emission and age requirement of our taxi environmental
standards. ACTS has committed all remaining 201 petrol vehicles will meet the emission standards on replacement. All vehicles in ACTS fleet will meet the emission and age standards by year 2016.

Our organization is consistently scoping the next steps in the journey to be more sustainable to meet not only the demands of our valued clients, but also our own environmental objectives.

Auckland Co-operative Taxi’s – good for users, good for owners and drivers, good for Auckland and good for New Zealand.

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