Vehicle Policy

- Hybrids – Diesel – New only – Dual Fuel – Dedicated LPG – Low Emission Vehicles All the vehicles used are subject to Auckland Co -op’s Board approval. Although this does exclude the Business Class Fleet.

Office Environmental and Sustainability Policy Updates

Taxis however are only one side of our business, while our fleet is substantial in size; our taxis need a support team. We have over 70 staff members that operate and support our service at 24/7, 365 days a year.

We already have an environmental program running in the call centre; however plans have been put in place to increase our office commitment.

By February 2011 plans will be in place to ensure the reduction of paper use within the office and start our overall goal of becoming a paperless society.

Shareholder and Driver contracts and updates will go online.

Online newsletters and updates

In previous years ACTS would print a newsletter minimum 6 pages long for our 1000 drivers.
Our newsletters are now a maximum of 2 pages (double sided).
Scanners will replace printers and the majority of printers will be removed.
Faxes will go online hopefully removing the need for a fax machine.
Air-conditioning in the office is already set to a timer; however office lights will also be put on timers and will have motion detectors- as we are 24 hours.

A recycling program will be put in place. The call centre already recycle plastic, card, paper and cans. All floors will adhere to these standards.
Air travel will be offset where possible using the airlines own environmental surcharge when booking and paying for
airline trips.

Higher management and selected high use staff have been given I-phones which allows them to keep electronic records of meetings and keeps notes, alleviating further paper use.
Finally our on site generator is diesel not petrol.

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