Our response to COVID-19


The Government has announced that businesses would have some legal protection to mandate a COVID-19 vaccination requirement for their workplace provided some rules are followed under the new My Vaccine Pass mandate and fair process. Vaccination has been mandated for workers at businesses that must use the My Vaccine Pass to operate, or operate with fewer restrictions, at all levels of the COVID-19 Protection Framework.


The purpose of this policy is to provide safe transport for passengers and drivers; as well as a safe working environment for all staff members of Auckland Co-op Taxis; and those whose work activities include face-to-face interactions and potential exposure to occupational infections.

Organizational scope

This policy applies to all Auckland Co-op Taxis drivers and staff.


Auckland Co-op Taxis have confirmed its policy that from 3 December 2021 all drivers will need to be fully vaccinated as a condition of being able to transport passengers.

 Drivers must submit their Vaccine Pass to Compliance to be placed on their record.  An attribute in the system will be applied to every driver once proof of vaccination has been received.  Only fully vaccinated drivers can access any work.

Drivers are required to keep their Vaccine Pass with them while working at all times.

All staff members working in Taxi House and Auckland Collections Limited are required to be fully vaccinated and submit a copy of their Vaccine Pass.

New Drivers

New driver applicants are required to submit their My Vaccine Pass upon application.

Protocols for Blue Bubble drivers are required to be followed when transporting passengers during Covid-19 Alert Levels 2, 3, & 4

  1. Drivers are to wear an approved mask whilst carrying passengers. Mask to be replaced when it has been removed.
  2. Drivers are to observe good hand hygiene and use hand sanitiser at the conclusion of each trip.
  3. Passenger must travel on the back seat for all taxi trips. The front seat is not to be used.
  4. Fares are to be paid with cards; cash should not be accepted.
  5. All surfaces likely to have come into contact with the passenger must be wiped clean before becoming available for the next hire. Wiping must be done with sterile wipes or a sanitising/disinfectant solution.
  6. Vehicles should be thoroughly internally cleaned at the end of each shift.
  7. Passengers that are carried for work that was not dispatched through the dispatch system (hails & private work) must be recorded in the driver’s log book showing the passenger name and contact details. This is required for Contact Tracing.  Passengers unable or unwilling to supply the information must not be carried.

Source Document WHO/2019 Cov/IPC_PPE_use/2020.3